Putting retailers ahead of the game with smart property decisions.

In today’s dynamic, multi-channel retail environment, a well-thought-through and executed property strategy can make all the difference to whether your business thrives or not.

Decisions about where to open your next store, the best lease term to enter or try a pop-up space first, and how to structure your lease's commercial components are all critical to long-term success. 

Our extensive experience in retail management working with some of Australia’s best-known brands and a solid understanding of retail performance metrics and benchmarks informs every lease negotiation. We are the tenancy and leasing advisor to the National Retail Association, providing advice and representation to the NRA and many of its members.

We aim to secure a lease that is a valuable long-term asset and achieve maximum savings upfront.  

Our key areas of expertise include: 

  • Lease negotiation 
  • Location intelligence and network planning  
  • Aligning property outcomes with business strategy and objectives.

Also see our Omnichannel retail offer.

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