Do your workplace plans support your future business requirements?

  • Are you at risk of having too little or too much space? 
  • Will today’s locations work for tomorrow’s business requirements? 
  • Will today’s workplace design match what's required tomorrow? 

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Are your leases being overseen or overlooked?

  • Do you have excess space or space shortages? 
  • Have any critical dates been missed or left too late? 
  • Are your rentals and outgoings market-related? 
  • Are opportunities for lease restructure being missed?

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Not sure whether to exercise an option to renew?

  • Are there incentives in the option term? 
  • Are you fully informed about your alternatives? 
  • A lease restructure may be preferable to a renewal.

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Are you paying too much for your office, retail or industrial space?

  • Leases can be restructured.
  • Have you reviewed your rent and outgoing charges? 
  • Are there opportunities to sub-lease or optimise your space? 

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