Expanding and in need of additional space?

  • Are you optimising your existing space?
  • What are your lease terms? Is there an option to go?
  • Have you done the analysis to ensure your next step is the right one? 

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Are you in a dispute with your landlord?

  • Do you know yours and your landlord's obligations?
  • Are you open to getting advice that will save you time and money? 
  • Relationships can continue after a dispute.

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What would landlords prefer you don't know?

  • Generally, leases favour the property owner or landloard. 
  • Do you know your lease? Unfavourable clauses are easily missed.
  • Through training and experience, we learn from others’ mistakes.

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Are you looking for coworking accommodation?

  • Are you confused about the multiple options available? 
  • Have you done a thorough needs analysis for your business?
  • Making the right choice is essential to your businesses success.

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