Are your leases being overseen or overlooked?


  • Do you have excess space or space shortages? 
  • Have any critical dates been missed or left too late? 
  • Are your rentals and outgoings market-related? 
  • Are opportunities for lease restructure being missed?

Managing leases is not a core business activity for our clients but it is an activity that can cost you a great deal when leases are overlooked. We have developed a portfolio and lease management approach that helps you optimise your leasehold and freehold portfolios. Our approach to lease management is simple but effective. 

Step 1: Understand 

We consult with you to understand your current lease management practices and identify areas for improvement.

Step 2: Advise  

We adapt our lease management solution to fit your requirements and agree which level of lease management service fits your requirements. 

Step 3: Act  

Our specialists abstract the leases and establish a cloud database with alarms and alerts for lease events so that they are proactively managed. Monthly checkpoints ensure the scheduled actions are implemented and overseen.   

Step 4: Deliver 

The outcome of ‘getting the data right’ and of the monthly checkpoints is that the right actions are undertaken at the right time at the right cost and in the right way which protects your interests. 



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