Are you in a dispute with your landlord?


  • Do you know yours and your landlord's obligations?
  • Are you open to getting advice that will save you time and money? 
  • Relationships can continue after a dispute.

No one wants to be in dispute with their landlord, but disputes do arise from time to time between tenants and landlords. We have a track record of resolving disputes quickly, thoroughly and in a way that protects you the tenant every step of the way. The leases we execute leave little room for disputes to arise.                                                                                                                      

Step 1: Understand   

We ensure we know the relevant facts about the dispute, the agreements, the property owner and the market.  Our purpose is to ensure our advice is evidence-based and pragmatic. 

Step 2: Advise 

We advise what outcomes can be expected, the actions required to resolve the dispute and the costs to be incurred or recovered. 

Step 3: Act 

Upon receipt of client instructions, we act on behalf of our client in relation to the dispute. We manage all related correspondences with the landlord, legal practitioners and consultants. 

Step 4: Deliver 

Our focus is on achieving positive outcomes for tenants. We get on with resolving the dispute quickly and thoroughly so that you can get on with business.



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