Expanding and in need of additional space?


  • Are you optimising your existing space?
  • What are your lease terms? Is there an option to go?
  • Have you done the analysis to ensure your next step is the right one? 

Expansion plans often have uncertain outcomes. When clients commit to a growth strategy, we work with them to ensure their commitments to spaces are aligned with the business objectives. Drawing on our expertise and industry knowledge, we recommend a strategy to minimise risk such as negotiating flexible arrangements that can evolve with your business needs.                                                                                                                                   

Step 1: Understand  

We listen to understand the risks linked to expansion, the timing for growth and the impact of technology and new ways of working on your space requirements.  

Step 2: Advise 

Having regard for the market and your expansion plans, we help you break down requirements into fixed, semi-flexible and flexible components so that we can recommend a suitable strategy and plan for your business. 

Step 3: Act 

We execute your expansion plan keeping you and all relevant stakeholders in the loop every step of the way through our cloud-based portal.   

Step 4: Deliver 

We focus on achieving positive outcomes for you. That means delivering your expansion plans on time, within budget and in a way that minimises any potential risks of the expansion.



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