Our Story

LPC Cresa are Australia’s office of Cresa, the largest firm of tenant-only real estate advisors in the world. We have over 70 offices globally which enables us to deliver a full range of critical client services to corporate occupiers on a global platform.

We advise commercial tenants exclusively — no landlords, no developers — so we can be completely objective and conflict-free. By concentrating single-mindedly on tenant issues, we gain both the perspective and the experience to level the playing field in landlord-tenant relations.

LPC Cresa was formed in 1993 and specialises in the delivery of fully integrated real estate services covering every stage of the real estate life cycle. These services include: Transaction Management, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Corporate Solutions, Site Selection, Lease Administration, Capital Markets, Mission Critical Solutions, Relocation Management, and Facilities Management.

Our approach is strategic. We think of real estate as a business tool that helps enhance your image, attract top talent, and drive profitability. We think about your business needs before thinking about your space requirements, and by understanding those needs they can address your space needs in a meaningful, goal-oriented way. We think about the problems your business may be facing due to misguided assumptions made about your position within the commercial real estate market and the mismanagement of leases. More importantly, we think about solving those problems.

LPC Cresa’s Values are Integrity, Partnership & Entrepreneurship. We are guided by the principal “do the right thing”.

In 2016 the Cresa group provided unbiased, conflict free advice for over 4,800,000sqm of transactions supporting 1,912 clients within 63 industries across 675 cities.

Before we talk space, we talk business. We take a fully integrated approach, first determining what your business needs are, then figuring out how to meet them, and finally implementing a solution.

We are, in every sense, the Tenant’s Advantage.

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