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Needs Analysis

When looking at the DNA of you business some example of what you need to consider are the following:

  • What are your business’s short and long term objectives?
  • What factors are important to your business?
  • Consider your staff growth?
  • What is your corporate culture?
  • What image do you want to portray to the market via your premises?
  • What is your preferred location?
    We can provide you with a weighted matrix especially designed to help you decide what is important to your business.
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RFP Negotiation

  • Formulate and issue and RFP ( results form needs analysis)
  • Review premises submitted and shortlist those that meet your criteria
  • Inspect the shortlisted properties
  • Obtain leasing proposals.
  • Undertake benchmark occupancy cost analysis
  • Initial Space planning – and test fits
  • Services Review
  • Ongoing Lease Negotiations Stay or Go
  • HOA agreement execution on preferred option.
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Lease Negotiations

  • Call for Lease documentation
  • Review Lease documentation in conjunction with your Lawyers .
  • Negotiate Lease terms in conjunction with your Lawyers
  • Execute documentation.
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Project Fitout Delivery

Interview and appoint Architects to suit your requirements

  • Budget Development
  • Detailed space planning
  • Cost Planning
  • Tendering of Building Works
  • Value Management
  • Council Approvals
  • Fit out Construction
  • Make good of existing premises
  • Re-location
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