With occupancy costs ranking among the second or third largest expense items for most businesses today, the astute management of a lease portfolio — by professionals truly focused on it — must be considered a critical part of any strategic plan.

LPC Cresa Lease Administration specialists can help you significantly reduce costs, while potentially sparing you some expensive mistakes. We can supplement your current lease program — or completely replace it. Either way, you get:

  • Thorough inventory of your property portfolio, so you can identify cost savings that have gone unnoticed
  • Real-time information about every lease, including key trigger dates when decisions are needed and where missing an important date can be disastrous
  • New business processes — software-neutral systems that provide complete control of all your leases going forward
  • A strategic overview of your portfolio — with aggregated lease details, including terms, conditions, and overall financial impact
  • Assured compliance with all regulatory rules in a timely and accurate manner
  • Dedicated resources — We can assign you permanent staff members, whose job is to function as an extension of your team

With our people managing your portfolio, costs are reduced, savings are accrued, mistakes are prevented, and regulations are complied with. You get a level of expertise you are unlikely to have — or be able to achieve — in-house.

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