Strategic Planning for Tenant / Occupiers

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Have a large commercial real estate lease portfolio?

So, your organisation has or is destined to expand to many sites. You consider your options: Hire an internal property team? Could you centralise your lease management using the right software? Or perhaps your company even contemplates getting more of your team to work-from-home?

This article looks at the who, what, where, why and how of the strategic planning process that guides the construction of an advantageous lease portfolio.

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Sublease and Disposition: The Easy Way

pexels photo 262488 - Sublease and Disposition: The Easy Way


Your organisation needs to dispose of space. Leases are long term commitments and when circumstances suddenly change, to have a plan that empowers leaders to make the moves necessary to keep a company moving forward in a positive direction.

At LPC Cresa our disposition process always starts with identifying the primary functions of the property and understanding what drives the ideal prospects for the property. We’ve mapped out the most commonly occurring disposition scenario. We hope this offers some perspective to tenants approaching property disposition.

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