How To Find The Perfect Office Space – Part 4


Part 4: Supporting The Way You Work

Your new office should be capable not just of accommodating your team, but of actually improving
the way you do business. The design, features and services that come with a great office space can all have a bearing on your way of working – from helping to keep productivity high through to keeping your workforce engaged.
Depending on your priorities, here are some of the office characteristics that often feature highly on occupiers’

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How To Find The Perfect Office Space – Part 2

Part 2: Location

Having the ‘right’ postcode might not in itself swing a potential new client in your favour, but it can certainly help to set prospects’ minds at ease. Where you choose to base your business can speak volumes about your priorities and aspirations.

Logistical considerations are also important when it comes to location. How easy is it for clients to drop by? What type of commute will your staff be facing? How close are you to other businesses in your niche?

Here are the points to keep on your radar as you weigh up the merits of different areas in and around your city…

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How To Find The Perfect Office Space

Need help? Perfect Office Space


It’s time to find your next office. So where to begin? That’s where LPC Cresa insights comes in. Over a five part series of articles we aim to help you look beyond the jargon that so often surrounds commercial property – to zoom in on what’s really important: the best possible deal on the office that’s right for your business.


Whether you’ve outgrown your current office space, are approaching a lease expiry or simply find that your organisation’s goals are not supported by your current leasing agreement the aim of your search revolves around two guiding practices:

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Mid-year Office Market Update

The latest office market statistics were released by the PCA last week and the results were generally in line with our expectations of the overall CBD performance across Australia.

Surprisingly, Perth CBD achieved an improvement in vacancy within the last 6 months. David Barnes, director of LPC Cresa Perth, provided an insight into the reality of the shift in vacancy and current market conditions.

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