Rethinking commercial office space

25 Jan 2021 10:39 PM

This article comes from our Global partner, Cresa. Cresa is the world’s only global commercial real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents occupiers and specialises in the delivery of fully integrated real estate solutions.

The effects of this global pandemic have greatly altered our world, causing a fundamental shift in how people interact and communicate, conduct business, share ideas, innovate, and leverage technology. This shift is, in turn, transforming how companies and employees use and consume commercial real estate to suit their business and work needs.

In March 2020, companies around the world sent the majority of their employees home to work in what was to become the largest remote work experiment ever. Overnight, bustling offices emptied out and business districts became ghost towns. Fast-forward to December 2020, and we find that most employees are still working from home with a tentative return to office dates. But, forward-thinking companies are not sitting idle and waiting for brighter days. These companies are hard at work, critically examining how to re-think their real estate requirements based on a new set of parameters focused around their employees.

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