The Four Pillars of Sublease Strategy

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Reaching and then securing the best sublease prospects involves targeted marketing, clean process and the ability to capitalise on opportunities. Today we look at four pillars which hold together good sublease / disposition strategy.


1) Awareness & Understanding

Whilst building communication strategies to connect with all potential prospects, it is important to guide prospects to make the connection between their business needs and the property’s features. It is also important to be able to quickly decipher those industries for whom your property would not be a good fit avoiding the waste time and money in your search for prospects. Having a detailed understanding of the organisations’ specific accommodation requirements enables one to communicate a property’s value more directly.

2) Mail Campaigns & PR

Getting your property out to the market will require a press release to announce the availability of the site. Identifying whom would be most interested in the property is the first step to discerning which media platforms will be suitable. Marketing materials should include photographs, aerials, maps, site plans and clear listing of amenities serving the property.

3) Personal Solicitations

By far the most effective marketing tool in the commercial real estate industry is personal solicitation. Having direct contact with the people most likely to be interested in the property is the quickest way to get the assignment transaction progressing. An experienced tenant representative will massively increase exposure to qualified sublessors.

4) Access to Agent / Property Consultant Communities

The commercial real estate industry is made up of agents, consultants, representatives, developers and business owners. The cooperation of this community is an integral part of our marketing efforts at LPC Cresa. We openly solicite their cooperation through regular contact. Here at LPC Cresa, whenever we receive a sublease job, we arrange either group or individual meetings with the relevant agents, representatives and site location consultants to fully apprise them of the opportunity.


LPC Cresa works exclusively for tenants, delivering full and frank representation without risk of conflicts of interests arising. TO find out more contact us or call up on +61 (02) 9235 1300.


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