How To Find The Perfect Office Space – Part 5

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Part 5: How To Spot Opportunities

You’ve got a clearer idea on whether a lease or licence arrangement will best suit your needs. You’ve shortlisted your desired areas of Australia and established what you require in terms of facilities. You also have a broad budget in mind.

So what’s next?

Accessing the best possible deals requires the following:
• A thorough understanding of the local market and prevailing market conditions
• The ability to identify and thoroughly investigate all currently available properties both on and off-market – ideally through putting a dedicated Research & Acquisitions team to work
• Getting the timing right (especially if you need to find an occupier to replace you in your current premises)
• Negotiating the best possible deal (we have found that on average there are more than 23 areas to negotiate in connection with a typical leasehold arrangement) market knowledge. Investing in the right help with all of this is therefore crucial.


LPC Cresa works exclusively for tenants, delivering full and frank representation without risk of conflicts of interests arising. To find out more about how we can help you find the perfect office space contact us or call us on +61 (02) 9235 1300.

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