How To Find The Perfect Office Space – Part 4

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Part 4: Supporting The Way You Work

Your new office should be capable not just of accommodating your team, but of actually improving
the way you do business. The design, features and services that come with a great office space can all have a bearing on your way of working – from helping to keep productivity high through to keeping your workforce engaged.
Depending on your priorities, here are some of the office characteristics that often feature highly on occupiers’


Seldom is it the case that an entire workforce arrives at 9 and leaves at 5.30. A mobile, flexible workforce tends to require round-the-clock access. Will your staff feel safe using these particular premises out of hours?


If it’s a serviced office, does it come with on-site support? In leased premises, you will need to look at the existing provision for power and data points, cabling, comms/ server room capacity and telephony. If the existing provision will need to be tweaked to meet your desired spec, you will need to be sure that it will be possible to make the changes you require without breaching any lease restrictions.


A leasehold offering can be rather like a blank canvas; flexible enough for you to put together a floor space layout that reflects your preferred way of working. Usually, this is achieved by erecting temporary partitions – requiring you to return the premises into their former state at the end of the lease. As with IT facilities, it’s important to check that the terms of the lease will allow you to make the alterations you require.


Is the office likely to provide staff with a safe, comfortable and stimulating working environment? For one thing, there’s the basics to consider; adequate toilets, showering and kitchen facilities. As for stimulation and engagement, some of the best serviced offices lead the way in this area. You’ll find that many serviced spaces feature carefully designed breakout areas geared towards informal interaction – or simply taking time out.


Beyond the office door, what does the wider locality have to offer in terms of diversions and facilities? This is important for the wellbeing of your staff – and perhaps also in the context of client entertainment. It’s another reason to consider your lease portfolio carefully.

Our tenant representatives see your real estate portfolio as not just a list of tasks to be managed, but a business tool that can be strategically manoeuvred to increase your bottom-line. If you are interested in gaining more control over the lease transactions of your organisation, then you may want to look at the lease management services we provide.


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